Bottle Service Booking – Service Fee

In order to book your bottle service table you will be charged a one-time service fee for our booking services and consultation services.

The service fee includes a charge for the bottle service consultation call (which you had prior to being provided this page for payment). As a part of our consultation service we will proceed to book the table reservation on your behalf if there is any availability at the venue you selected on the date you requested once the service fee is paid. Please note payment may take up to 3-4 hours to process.

*Note: Tables are only reserved up until 11:45PM after which reservations may be forfeited.

*Disclaimer: Top Toronto Clubs is not directly associated with any venue. We are a service provider that signs you up on guestlist or helps to book bottle service for the requested venue, and as a part of our service, we may send special offers for other venues for the night of your request if available.

This non-refundable service charge cannot be refunded after your request is processed unless the venue you’ve selected has no availability, at which point we’ll contact you immedately to let you know. The booking service and consultation service fee is $50.00 CAD + Tax.


TOTAL: $50.00 + Tax

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