Looking for a hot patio to chill at during the day or a spot to enjoy at night but don’t know what each place’s vibe is like? Look no further, this article will cover our favourite picks based on genre of music so you’re sure to hit a place with a soundtrack you actually enjoy.




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prive toronto networking event july 12

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Best Patios for Top 40 Music

First we’re going to cover the most popular Top 40 Music spots because let’s face it, these are the spots anyone can go and enjoy what’s currently hot in the music scene and has the most diverse range of music to appeal to any of you or your friends.

1. Petty Cash

487 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1T4

First we have Petty Cash, a crowd favourite off of King West on Portland. Known for being a super chill and casual Friday and Saturday night hang out spot for many ages 21-25+ in the city. Petty Cash plays a nice mix of Top 40 including a mix of pretty much every genre from late 2000s pop, and hip-hop.

2. CIBO Wine Bar (King West)

522 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1L7

Our next favourite pick for Top 40 jams, which also is on King West in the Fashion District is CIBO. This casual spot features a nice seated outdoor patio area with a nice mix of Top 40 hip-hop and pop to enjoy while you sip on authentic Italian wine to go with some tasty italian eats including our personal favourite, Risotto with fresh clams, mussels, calamari and tiger shrimp.

3. Arkane

461 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Last but not least on the Top 40 list is Arkane. Another hot spot on King West, which features a huge outdoor patio in front of the venue. Arkane is well known for having a bit of an older demographic of young professionals ranging from 25-35+ if that’s what you’re looking for, and plays a solid mix of current pop, hip-hop, and occasionally 2000s Pop/R&B hits.





















































Best Patios for Hip-Hop Music

If you’re looking for a hot hip-hop and trap club to vibe at in the city, here are our top picks. Note that usually these spots tend to play hip-hop during the night whereas in the daytime they’re either not playing, or they’ll be playing a chill mix of lounge/house music a lot of the time. However, if you’re looking to enjoy what we’d consider a staple of Toronto’s culture, here are our top hip-hop patios.

1. EFS Rooftop Patio

647 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

First on our top hip-hop patio list is the legendary EFS. With a long running history of being one of the go-to hip-hop clubs pre-coronavirus this rooftop patio on King West in the Fashion District. This spot is iconic as a spot that often used to have A-list Toronto rappers and celebrities over the years. Beyond that this club now turned summer patio arguably has some of the best hip-hop mixes to vibe out to while enjoying a bottle and drinks in the city.


455 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Next on the list we have MARBL, King West’s swanky outdoor patio located on the east side near Spadina. This Boujee spot boasts a modern hip-hop and trap soundtrack to enjoy while you sit back and enjoy bottle service with a mix of the venue’s fine dining menu at night. This is probably King West’s classiest spot as of late as it just has a nice overall ambience that isn’t deliberately trying too hard to be cool, it just is.

3. Regulars

668 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M7

Last on our list for best hip-hop patios is Regulars bar on King West and Bathurst. This is one of our favourite spots on King because of the location and the large patio area that actually expands to the front to accommodate more capacity. This is another great spot to jam out to hip-hop and rap bangers while enjoying bottles or cocktails with a nice view of this iconic King West intersection in the core of the Fashion District.




























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Best Patios for Lounge/House Music

Next we have a couple of our favourite rooftop patio venus that boast not only stunning views of the city but also a chill lounge/house mix to vibe to while enjoying the scenery whether during the day or at night.

1. Lavelle

627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

First we have Lavelle, which is actually more of a restaurant / day club during the day and a rooftop nightclub at night. Typically Lavelle caters to a bit of a classier and more mature crowd of business professionals with a mix of young professionals. Lavelle tends to spin a mix of chill house during the day and early in the night, but eventually transitions into a mix of hip-hop.


80 Blue Jays Way 44th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2G3

Next we have KOST, one of Toronto’s top rooftop patio restaurants / brunch spots which also spins a nice mix of house music during the day. This is the type of spot you hit up on a Saturday midday for day drinks with food and to enjoy the stunning view of the city’s skyline and to soak up the sun. Whether you’re going with a group of friends or taking your significant other on a date, this is the spot to do it.




























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Best Patios for Latin Music

Last but not least we have our favourite patios in the city for Latin music and mixes. Truthfully these spots aren’t the easiest to come by but luckily the ones we cover below have that Latin vibe that we know a lot of Toronto loves to dance to.

1. Baro Rooftop Patio

485 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

First on our list is also coincidentally Toronto’s best Latin clubs and bars pre-coronavirus with a multi-storey restaurant and bar that not only played a nice range of Latin music but also offered an amazing selection of eats on their menu. Baro is well known for catering to those looking for that Latin vibe with its mix of modern Latin America pop music Luckily you can still visit Baro’s top floor on King West considering it’s a rooftop patio and is open for business. The roof top is admittedly small compared to what the venue used to offer with multiple floors, but it packs a big punch for its size.

2. Reposado Bar & Lounge

136 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 1R5

Last but not least we have Reposado Bar & Lounge which is more of a resto-lounge type vibe that spins a mix of Latin pop and traditional Latin American music. Reposado is definitely more of a chill vibe compared to some of the other venues on our list, as it sometimes has live music to enjoy with high quality tequilas and a Mexican style tapas menu for eats.

In Conclusion

That pretty much covers all of our favourite spots based on the genres of music they bump. It should be noted that most bars, restaurants and clubs are constantly evolving and sometimes they can switch up on their soundtrack a bit from day-to-day and night-to-night, but overall this guide should be a good reference for anyone looking for a particular vibe in a venue they want to book!





















































prive toronto networking event july 12
prive toronto networking event july 12

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