Choosing the best nightclub to celebrate your birthday is always a tough choice. Your birthday only rolls around once a year, so you would hate to pick a spot that’s a dud. In our opinion, picking a club to celebrate your birthday should cater to you by providing the following: great booths and bottle service, great music, and an ideal crowd / vibe to ensure your night is a fun and memorable one.

Not all clubs in Toronto are the best for birthdays, some are way too crowded, some you may risk being dead all night and some just aren’t at the standard you’re going to want for a big celebration. We’ve been carefully curating our lists of Toronto nightlife spots to give you our top five choices on where you should celebrate your next birthday in Toronto:

#5 – Call Her Juliet

Call Her Juliet Toronto
Crowd: Mostly Urban Mix / 19-25 years old
Music: Hip-Hop / Trap / Afrobeats
Atmosphere: Urban Youth

We love the ambiance at Call Her Juliet, the lighting and vibe is incredible. If you love neon aesthetics and hip hop music this may be your top pick. Call Her Juliet does lean a little bit more to the trap / hip-hop side, being very rap centric, but if that’s your cup of tea you’re going to love it. 

Unlike some other trap clubs, this one doesn’t get too overly crowded, and provides large luxurious square booths perfect to host your intimate party in. Additionally, if you want to have some quiet conversations with your friends, there is a patio/smoking area upstairs which allows you to take a break from the club, and socialize with your friends. Having celebrated a few birthdays at this venue, we can definitely say it hasn’t disappointed, and has always been a fun night with great bottle service, friendly staff, open booths and the best rap anthems.

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#4 – Wildflower

Wildflower Toronto
Crowd: Classy Mixed / 20-28 years old
Music:  Hip-Hop / Trap
Atmosphere: Fashion Forward Young Professionals

Wildflower lands at number 4 on the list because although Wildflower is on the smaller end of venues in Toronto, it’s also one of the more luxurious ones. First off, Wildflower has a unique elevated VIP only area specifically reserved for those with VIP wristbands incase you feel like being bougie and having your party group in this reserved section. Secondly, Wildflower does offer nice booths surrounding the dancefloor that provide a nice blend of a luxurious sitting area with a seamless blend into the dancefloor so you don’t feel like you’re segregated from all the action. 

The venue is aimed toward the fashion forward youth culture of Toronto, spinning predominantly hip-hop. If that’s your taste in music, there is no doubt you’ll have a great birthday at Wildflower. The club is a little loud, so if you want to talk, or go for a smoke break you’ll have to do that outside of the club, which usually is pretty busy since it doubles as the entrance for the Thompson Hotel. Overall the venue is luxuriously quaint but is just right for a smaller and select guestlist for your birthday.

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#3 – EFS

EFS Toronto
Crowd: Upscale Urban Mix / 20-30 years old
Music: Hip-Hop / Trap / Afro
Atmosphere: Young Professionals

EFS much like Rebel, caters to any budget available, with booth and bottle packages ranging from single bottles to luxurious high-end bottle packages. If you are familiar with some of the smaller up-class venues in Miami, EFS exudes this same type of vibe. With booths around the dancefloor as well as other premium booths around the club this is one of Toronto’s cloutiest venues. If you want to celebrate your birthday in style, this is the spot to do it at. 

Additionally, in the summer months EFS has its rooftop patio floor open which provides a lounge like atmosphere to socialize and relax, whereas the main floor provides a high energy environment with some of the best hip-hop mixes you’ll hear on King Street. Overall EFS provides a luxurious environment for celebrating your birthday in style, and this is the best venue to book with friends and show out at.

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 # 2 – Rebel

Rebel Toronto
Crowd: Mix of Literally Everyone / 19-50 years old
Music: 4 Rooms – 4 Sounds (Hip-Hop,  Top 40, EDM, Latin / Reggaeton)
Atmosphere: Mixed Venue / Vegas-esque Superclub

Rebel nightclub is the largest club in Toronto, so obviously the club caters to those who want to straight up ball out. If your budget is small, the extravagant Rebel has an option for you. You can do bottles at a stand-up table for a lower price (price of the bottles at approximately $200-$300 a bottle). Alternatively, with a mid-range budget you can get a booth in the back or in the Savage Room for a minimum spend of $1,000. Lastly if you’re trying to flex, the Bird-Cage Booths at the front of the club surrounding the main dance floor are typically $1,000-$5,000 minimum spend.  

Expect this venue to be extremely busy and packed to the brim, however don’t let that alarm you too much as you can always catch up on conversations with your friends at the outside smoking patio (typically Cabana during the summer season). Rebel serves its purpose as being that one major venue that provides 4 different rooms with 4 different sounds which offers you the experience and feel of a big club you might experience on vacation, except it’s at lakeshore and not in another country.

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# 1 – Lavelle

Lavelle Toronto
Crowd: Upscale Mixed / 19-27 years old
Music: Hip-Hop / Trap
Atmosphere: Young Professionals

 Lavelle Rooftclub club / lounge is at the number 1 spot because overall this is in our opinion this is top venue in Toronto due to its multi-faceted approach to the nightlife scene. Plus – who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday with a great view of the Toronto Skyline? 

At Lavelle you get a mix of different ambiances, by the secondary bar/booth area there’s a stripper pole usually with a model dancing, surrounded by crowds of youth partying in their booths. Conversely, by the top of the main bar the atmosphere is more subdued, and relaxed, almost lounge-esque area that provides a perfect spot to have some drinks and chat. Tie it all together with it being on one of the highest rooftop bars in Toronto with a great view of the Toronto core skyline and throw in some neon lit shallow pools like a resort in Miami and you have yourself one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots to host your birthday party at.

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Regardless of what spot you choose to host your birthday at, I think there are a few things to take into consideration. Number one is your budget. If you got the money and want to spend it on a crazy night, we say go for it… but if it’s not in your budget, you don’t need to break the bank by booking a booth and multiple bottles. Almost all of the clubs listed above allow you to get bottles without a booth, for which you can set up at a bar or an alternative standing location. If you are more on the frugal side, you can always get drinks at the bar (or from those treating you on your birthday). 

So figure out you and your friends’ budgets and plan ahead. Secondly, plan for your crowd. If your friends don’t want a packed loud environment, don’t go for the high energy clubs like Rebel. If your friends don’t like trap music, then don’t go to a predominately trap club. If our choices didn’t capture the needs/taste of you or your friends, feel free to check out our club list page for profiles on all of the top clubs in Toronto to see if another one better suits your taste. Also, don’t forget to check out our late night food spots to round out your night.