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Toronto Nightclubs

Real Reviews. Detailed Breakdowns. VIP Customer Service.

Whether you live in the Downtown Core of Toronto, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), or you’re visiting from out of country, Top Toronto Clubs was designed with one goal in mind: To help those who are looking to go out to Toronto clubs, bars, and late night food spots find the best spots that suit their taste and style. 

We at Top Toronto Clubs go out every weekend , surveying the nightlife in Toronto to constantly bring you the latest updated information for all of the hottest nightclubs in Toronto. We are constantly updating the music, crowd and atmosphere of each venue so you are never out of the loop. Our staff are partnered with the Number One Promoters in Toronto to help ensure you get into any nightclub you want with ease. Our staff guides you through text all the way, and is are also always available at night on King St. to help you get in. Nightlife is our passion and we thrive to help users.

The Best Clubs in Toronto

While most people think that the “Best Clubs” in Toronto is a subjective thing, Top Toronto Clubs aims to approach how we look at clubs holistically so we can see them from the most objective way and rate them accordingly.

By putting things aside like music taste, demographic, and age group; we take a look at things like atmosphere, ambiance, sound & lighting systems, customer service, overall vibe, crowd behaviour, and we consider the entire experience of the venue as a whole. On top of that we visit all venues several times a year, during different seasons to ensure our assessments are accurate and the information on our site is up to date.

About Us

The Top Toronto Clubs Backstory

Our website was conceived out of frustration that we as clubbers experienced years ago when we first started going out. The problem was, we never knew what was going to be lit and often relied on trial and error, taking a shot in a dark when going out, hoping the club would be good. Eventually, after going to almost every single club, we eventually found what was good by our standards. Fast-forward a couple years later and we’ve visited the venues, catalogued, reviewed, and documented as much information as possible about each club and bar in Toronto so you don’t have to waste nights going out to clubs that suck because every other website out there says they are good, and you can’t read between the sea of reviews written by people trashing a club, not knowing if it wasn’t good or they were just a drink mess.  

Who Is Behind Top Toronto Clubs?

We’re a group of clubbers and nightlife goers just like you who love Toronto for its nightlife scene. Whether we’re out to celebrate a friend’s birthday or just hitting the club with a group of friends, we know the pain and struggle of trying to find Toronto’s hottest nightlife spots.  

Top Toronto Clubs is a diverse group comprised of club-goers with different tastes in venues, music, and we have a wide age range which helps us to give us a cumulative objective view of each club and bar in Toronto. Since there is never just one person contributing to an article, review, or club profile we as a group come to a consensus about what we think of any given spot in Toronto so you get the most unbiased information about each venue’s music, crowd, atmosphere, and vibe. We try to reach a consensus of what the best clubs are and what we consider to be the current most popular clubs in Toronto.

Toronto Nightlife

Toronto is a city that most locals are proud to call home for one simple fact: There is always something to do on any given night during the weekend whether it’s during the busy summer season or in the dead of winter. With an ever-evolving culture of music, nightlife, supper clubs, and late-night food spots, Toronto never fails to keep us clubbers coming back for more.

The team at Top Toronto Clubs all agree, Toronto is truly special because of its size. It’s not so big that it’s overwhelming, but it’s also not too small because there’s always something new to check out. We’re also completely convinced that if you haven’t found the type of club or bar that suits you and your style, you’ll soon find it. Our city has a venue for all types of people.

Clubs in Toronto

There are a few different types of popular music genres in Toronto clubs, for a detailed breakdown of each club and its respective music, check out our club list.

Hip-Hop Clubs In Toronto

Toronto is known for its large variety of Hip-Hop / Rap / Trap / R&B clubs, especially within the past 5 years. Though Toronto is still a young city, it boasts some of the best clubs in the world, on par with clubs in major US cities like Miami and LA. 

Toronto’s small-to-medium sized boutique Hip-Hop nightclubs are what make the Toronto nightlife scene so unique, lively and fun. Whether it’s your vibe or not these venues are generally considered the highest tier of nightclubs because this is where people go to spend big money and show out.

Top-40 Clubs In Toronto

Next we have Toronto’s second most popular type of club; the ones that play Top-40 and a mix of everything. While this type of venue plays music that generally overlaps with the Hip-Hop and EDM clubs, these types of clubs aim to offer a vibe for everyone rather than catering to just one niche. 

You’ll typically find the biggest mix of demographics at these types of clubs, but if you’re looking for a safe bet for a venue on your night out, this is the perfect type of club or bar for you.

EDM Clubs In Toronto

Last but not least we have Toronto’s EDM clubs. While again there is going to be some crossover between EDM / Top-40 and even Hip-Hop for this type of club (think house remixes), this is the most sparse type of club, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t widely popular among club-goes. 

Toronto’s biggest mega club caters specifically to clubbers with this taste in music, as well as a couple in the King West area and a couple niche dance clubs and lounges that also spin EDM, House, Tech, Funk House, Garage, and Electronic music in general. You’ll find this type of club attracts a very specific demographic depending on how niche the Electronic Sub-Genre is that’s spun at the club.

Toronto Nightclubs by Location

King Street West Nightclubs

King Street West, located in the Fashion District of Downtown Toronto’s core is home to the city’s most current mainstream clubs. Most of the clubs you’ll find on this strip of King West that spans from Bathurst all the way to Spadina cater to what we’d consider the majority of clubbers in the city. This is where you’ll typically find the highest concentration of Hip-Hop / R&B / Rap clubs. King West is the main area that people come to spend big money at clubs. Also, this is where most visitors from other countries go to party if they’re visiting on vacation. 

Queen Street West Nightclubs

Next we have Queen Street West which caters to a bit of a different crowd. While it’s often considered the “Hipster” part of the city, you’ll actually find a good mix of clubbers and bar hoppers in this area. You’ll find that in the area the bars and clubs are a tad bit more spread out and they cater to those who are looking for a specific vibe of music. 

Clubs and bars in this area are also generally smaller and more quaint compared to their King Street counterparts. Typically these bars and clubs play all sorts of music including EDM / Top 40 with a healthy amount of them spinning Hip-Hop and Rap since it’s such an integral part of the culture in Toronto.

Entertainment District Nightclubs

Last but not least we have Toronto’s Entertainment District Clubs, which is of course located in the Entertainment District on and around the eastern part of Adelaide / King Street West. This area caters more toward a younger crowd and for the most part the venues play Top-40 with the occasional mix of Hip-Hop. 

The Entertainment District is also home to many of Toronto’s most popular bars and clubs that are aimed toward the University Student crowd. If you’re fresh into University and are looking for a nice spot to get cheap drinks with a group of friends, this stretch of Adelaide has just what you’re looking for.

*Disclaimer: is NOT a club or nightclub venue, nor is it directly associated with any venue. We are a party planning service that signs you up for guestlist for select clubs and/or helps to book bottle service for the requested venue, and as a part of our service, we may send special offers for other venues for the night of your request if available. | ©2023