Bottle Service Information Request

Please see below for the general bottle service prices and the associated group numbers for minimum spends in Toronto. If you would like us to reach out to venues to contact them for booth availability and book a booth for you please complete the form below or click on the request now. Our outreach service can contact venues for their detailed table packages/minimums and attempt to book tables for you at your requested venue.


$1000 (Groups of 10 or less)
$1500 (Groups of 15 or less)
$2000 (Groups of 20 or less)
$2500+ (Groups of over 20)
+20% gratuity standard at venues.

Bottle Service Information Request

Fill out the form below regarding the club of choice, and bottle service information requested. You will be contacted to pay a service fee before the booking is made/completed for the venue. You will be refunded if availability is not possible at the venue requested.

*Disclaimer: Top Toronto Clubs is not directly associated with any venue. We are a service provider that signs you up on guestlist for the requested venue, and as a part of our service, we may send special offers for other venues for the night of your requested reservation if available.