Baro (Latin Floor)
📍LOCATION 485 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4
📅DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10 pm – 2 am
• Anything goes
• Caps and sneakers are permitted
Fri / Sat: Latin Music / Reggaeton / Soca / Hip-Hop
• Expect a more latin based crowd
• 21-41 years old
• Dressed smart casual / casual / semi formal
• $10
  • MUSIC 64% 64%
  • ATMOSPHERE 72% 72%
  • CROWD 80% 80%
  • $ VALUE 65% 65%
A large open space, similar to a warehouse esque party. There is plenty of room to party in this larger venue although most congregate towards the back where the dj is located. A long rectangular space, a long bar is to the right and open dancefloor to the left.
Baro’s top floor is definitely a latin vibe, the music is a lot of latin based music, including reggaeton mixed with some soca. It’s definitely a different vibe from your typical clubs. The fact that is a latin based vibe attracts a wide variety of people and ages in the crowd, so their is a very diverse mix, although some may say there is a prominent presence of the latin community. This is a great place to visit if your looking to dance to some latin music and enjoy a chill vibe. The vibe here is very laid back, and I think that’s reflected in the crowd as everyone is just here for a good time, and to socialize.
• Laid back vibe
• Open spacious environment
• Unique Latin sound
• Latin music may get repetitive
• Crowd can get stale at some points
• Tickets for the Latin Floor are sold at two times during the night, and each time slot can get sold out, so if you plan to visit try to purchase your entry early
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