📍LOCATION 1186 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6
📅DAYS Thurs. 10 pm – 2 am
Fri. 10 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10 pm – 2 am
• No major restrictions
• Can dress casual / streetwear
• Can dress semi•formally if preferred
Fri/Sat: Hip•Hop / Funk
• Young Professionals
• 24 • 30 years old
• Crowd is dressed casually
• $10
  • MUSIC 76% 76%
  • ATMOSPHERE 74% 74%
  • CROWD 72% 72%
  • $ VALUE 58% 58%
A medium to large sized venue with a large central bar and a dance area surrounding it. Has a smaller basement area with it’s own individual bar and small seating area located near the bathrooms. Coat check at the entrance and outside smoking area.
Brooklyn is a fun medium sized venue located on Queen St. West with a large central bar, a secondary downstairs section, and a fun, and friendly crowd. While the crowd is usually slightly more mature professionals (24+), it’s not uncommon to see some slightly younger groups (21•23) mixed in. In our experience, this is a fun place to go to meet people, bring a group of friends for a party, or to dance. The older crowd tends to be very welcoming and are open to socializing with anyone. The venue gets packed around 11:30am to 2:00am, and when it gets busy it can be hard to navigate through the crowd. The crowd is usually a somewhat diverse group of people from the GTA and Toronto. From our experience they place some pretty good music and know how to string together a good mix of Urban Top 40, Funk, and Pop. Overly a fun little venue, which we would recommend.
• Good choice in music
• Sociable, slightly mature crowd
• Can get packed and hard to walk through
• Not the greatest layout, only one route to move through the entire bar
• Bathrooms are located downstairs
• Good for small/medium sized groups of friends