Civil Liberties Bar Toronto

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Address: 878 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1M5

Bar Nights: Friday & Saturday



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Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Guest List

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Civil Liberties Bar Information

📍LOCATION 878 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1M5
📅 DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 3 am Sat. 10 pm – 3 am
• Casual
Fri/Sat: Top 40
• 19+ years old

• No Cover


  • MUSIC 88% 88%
  • ATMOSPHERE 76% 76%
  • CROWD 61% 61%
  • $ VALUE 75% 75%

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Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Overview

Civil Liberties Bar in Toronto is a special place with a unique and mysterious vibe. It’s located on Bloor Street near Ossington and is famous for making amazing cocktails. The bartenders are very talented and can create drinks based on what you like. Whether you want a classic cocktail or something new and exciting, they will make sure you have a great drink that suits your taste. This bar is a hidden gem that offers a memorable experience with its creative and delicious cocktails.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Review

Civil Liberties Bar is a popular spot in Toronto that both locals and visitors love. It’s a place where you can find new favorite drinks or enjoy classic cocktails you might have forgotten about. The bartenders are very creative and skilled, making sure every visit is special. If you enjoy cocktails, this bar is a must-visit because of its unique and memorable experience.

Civil Liberties Bar Address and Location

Located at 878 Bloor Street West in Toronto, in the Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction neighborhood. This location is convenient and easy to get to, making it a great spot for anyone wanting to check out one of Toronto’s most interesting bars.

Civil Liberties Bar Size and Ambiance

This bar is often called the “pineapple bar” or “tiki bar.” It’s known for its dim lighting and cozy, intimate setting. The bar is small, which makes it feel exclusive and special. The atmosphere is great for a relaxed night out with friends or a romantic evening.

Civil Liberties Bar Music

Civil Liberties Bar  plays Top 40 hits, which creates a lively and fun atmosphere. The music adds to the vibrant feel of the bar and makes your evening more enjoyable.

  • The bar is renowned for its inventive and delicious cocktails, crafted with care and precision.
  • Bartenders are not only skilled but also friendly and approachable, making for a welcoming environment.
  • The bar tends to get quite busy after 9 PM, so arriving early is advisable to avoid long waits.
  • To make the most of your visit to Civil Liberties Bar, consider arriving early to ensure entry and avoid long queues, as the bar does not take reservations. 
  • Since there is no set menu for cocktails, be prepared to share your preferences and any allergies with the bartenders, who will then create a custom drink just for you.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Information

Civil Liberties Bar serves as both a restaurant and a cocktail bar. You can enjoy delicious food along with expertly crafted drinks. The mixed drinks usually cost between $13 and $15, which is a good price considering the high quality and creativity of the cocktails. The bartenders take pride in making unique drinks tailored to your preferences, ensuring you get great value for your money. The bar’s combination of tasty food and amazing drinks makes it a popular spot for a night out in Toronto.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Location

You can find the Civil Liberties Bar at 878 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1M5. It’s in the lively Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction neighborhood. This area is famous for its exciting nightlife and many different places to eat and have fun.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Music

The music selection at the bar predominantly features Top 40 hits. This choice creates a lively and engaging atmosphere that keeps guests entertained throughout the evening.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Dress Code

The dress code at the bar is casual, so guests can feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether you dress up or down, you’ll fit right in and enjoy your evening without any worries about what to wear.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Age Limit

To enter the bar, guests must be 19 years old or older. This rule helps create a mature and responsible crowd, making the experience better for everyone.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Cover Charge

One great thing about the Civil Liberties Bar is that there is no cover charge. This means you don’t have to pay an entry fee, making it an affordable option for a night out.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Guestlist Guide

Civil Liberties Bar does not have a guestlist. This means you get in on a first-come, first-served basis. This approach adds to the bar’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Civil Liberties Bar Toronto Booth & Bottle Service

The bar does not have booth or bottle service. This helps keep the atmosphere intimate and relaxed. Guests can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails and good company without worrying about reserved seating.