Goldie Toronto Nightclub

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Address: 619 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

Club Nights:  Friday & Saturday

Goldie Toronto Guest List

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GOLDIE Club Information

📍LOCATION 619 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
📅DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10 pm – 2 am

• Classy / upscale fashion forward
• No major restrictions
• Can dress casual / streetwear

Downstairs: 90s / 2000s R&B / Pop
Upstairs: Hip-Hop / Rap / Reggaeton
• Casual youth / young professionals
• 19 – 25 years old
• Crowd is dressed casual / streetwear
$20 / $10 with guestlist upstairs
  • MUSIC 89% 89%
  • ATMOSPHERE 94% 94%
  • CROWD 78% 78%
  • $ VALUE 85% 85%



Goldie is a small to medium sized club with two different floors and two different vibes. Goldie is known for it’s unique 70s / 80s inspired upscale looks and amazing atmosphere.


Goldie is one of our favourite spots on King Street West currently because it’s done such a great job at defining itself as a signature venue. From the moment you walk into this quaint club you’re hit with a scent that almost makes you forget you were just on King West. The downtairs bar and floor feature sit down tables and booths where you can order delicious tapas earlier in the night, and later on it transforms into more of a club vibe. The upstairs area which opens at 12:00AM plays mostly Hip-Hop and Rap which is fun because it offers a more traditional turn up club vibe. Peak times are at 1:00AM to 2:00AM and the DJs on both floors never seem to dissappoint since they always spin a nice set of tracks. We’ve actually never seen Goldie dead or had a bad night here, so we highly reccommend checking it out if you haven’t already.


• Good music, dynamic track list
• 2 floors, 2 different vibes
• Immersive atmosphere and lighting


• Small venue can easily get crowded


• Re-entry permitted, smoking area is outside in front of the club
• Come before 11:30 to avoid waiting in the line outside


The capacity of Goldie nightclub is approximately 250 people between the upper and lower floors of this venue. Since capacity isn’t the highest it tends to get busy and hit capacity after 11:30PM and by 12:00AM the upstairs dancefloor and bar open up. By this time there’s usually a substantial line outside but it tends to move at a good pace. Door staff is very friendly and accommodating as long as you follow their instructions. If you’re looking to visit Goldie on a Friday or Saturday night we suggest getting to the venue by 11:30PM so you don’t waste so much time in the line. Once you get in, you can check out the downstairs bar and at 12:00AM head up to the upstairs area if you want to check it out. Both upper and lower floors have tables / bottle service booths and their own dedicated bars and washrooms. The smoking area is located outside of the venue since there is no patio. Overall this the perfect medium sized venue which offers some variety with it’s two bars, floors, and genres of music.


Located in downtown Toronto core, Goldie is located on King Street West near Portland Street. Once you line up outside and enter the club you can either go left to stay on the main floor, or turn right and go up the stairs after 12:00AM when the upper floor opens up. Coat check is located to the right on the way to the main dancefloor and bar.


You must be 19+ to enter Goldie on a normal club night, no exceptions are made.


The dress code is classy, fashion forward, and so long as you dress nicely, there shouldn’t be any problems getting in. Although women are allowed to bring in bags, side bags for men are typically not allowed.


At Goldie, there are two floors meaning there are two different vibes at this club. The main floor typically has a DJ that will spin a mix of everything and get a feel for what the club likes and run with it, making it one of the only clubs in Toronto that has a dynamic soundtrack. In our experience the main floor usually plays late 90s and early 2000s R&B and Pop hits, but again it changes depending on what the crowd vibes out to. The upper floor on the other hand plays a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap almost exclusively with the occasional Reggaeton or Dancehall track mixed in.


There are two main bars, one on each floor at Goldie directly to the right after walking into the main dancefloor area of each. Expect drinks at the bar to start somewhere around $6 – $7 for almost any drink, and $8 – $10 for shots.


Cover charge for Goldie is typically $20 for the upstairs, while ladies may enter the club for free before 11:30PM. So ladies, do yourself a favour and come early to save that $20 on cover.


We suggest you sign up for guestlist ahead of time to ensure you’re able to get into the club with no problems. Since cover charge still applies regardless of guestlist at 12:00 AM, when the upper floor opens up, we suggest you to aim to arrive for 11:30PM and get stamped as the line can grow and make you late for free entry. Once you arrive at the club simply tell the door person what guestlist you’re under, check-in, get stamped, and then head inside to start your night.


Bottle prices typically range from $220 – $600 on average for mid range liquor bottles, higher end bottles are available such as Hennesy and Ace of Spades which will cost upwards of $700+ a bottle. There are multiple birthday packages available, however note that booth prices typically start at a 3-bottle minimum, so expect to at least $800 worth of bottles for a booth. Simply sign up for guestlist and bottle service and one of our staff will help guide you further on your best options for bottle service.