Mademoiselle Toronto

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Address: 563 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1

Club Nights:  Friday & Saturday



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Mademoiselle Toronto Guest List & Bottle Service

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Mademoiselle Club Information

📍LOCATION 563 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1
📅DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10 pm – 2 am
• No major restrictions
• Can dress casual / streetwear
• Can dress formally if preferred
Fri/Sat: House / R&B
• Upscale Young Professionals
• 24 – 30 years old
• Crowd is dressed fashion-forward
• Free
  • MUSIC 89% 89%
  • ATMOSPHERE 94% 94%
  • CROWD 78% 78%
  • $ VALUE 65% 65%

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Mademoiselle is a classy, extravagant, and boujee club located on King Street West in the fashion district of Toronto. This club features one main bar located on the first floor at the back and several seated areas which you can reserve for bottle service and an upstairs area with a bar and more private booths. Mademoiselle is a restaurant in the evening and a supperclub/resto-lounge by night and is considered by many as one of the most classy venues on King West to date.


The first thing you’ll notice when walking into the venue is the amazing atmosphere that Mademoiselle has, with a good selection of music, an upscale design, and a luxurious ambiance, this is a venue you won’t regret booking for a birthday, special event, or just for a night out.

Mademoiselle is considered more of a resto-lounge or supperclub because there isn’t much of a dance floor, but rather several seated areas where you can sit down and enjoy drinks, bottle service, and food. This venue boasts a spacious layout, a massive main bar, and an upstairs area that also has its own booths and dedicated bar. The vibe of Mademoiselle is definitely upper-class among the other clubs and venues on the King West strip, and honestly, we can’t think of a more premium venue than this if you’re looking for something classy.

We suggest going to the venue before 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM, but busy times really vary from night to night. Mademoiselle exclusively plays a mix of a pretty diverse mix of house music and sometimes R&B. The demographic here is typically a mix of Young Professionals and Professionals with a bit of a bias toward an older age group. With that said there is often a wide age range of women at this venue, ranging from 20-30 years old. The crowd is nice, has a great vibe, and is generally quite friendly.

Overall we really like Mademoiselle for everything it has to offer, and would consider it one of our favourite spots to periodically visit on King Street West, especially for special occasions, or if you’re just looking for a boujee spot to enjoy with friends.


∙ Great vibe and crowd
∙ Really great mix of House Music/R&B
∙ Perfect place for a party with friends or special celebration


∙ This club is out of the price range for those on a budget
∙ Not the best venue to spend the entire night at if you don’t have booth & bottles


∙ Arrive by 11:30PM to get in before it hits capacity
∙ The popularity of this club really varies from night to night


The capacity of Mademoiselle is roughly 500 people since it’s a pretty large venue, but despite that it can hit capacity quite quickly on busy nights. Mademoiselle doesn’t require cover to get in, but we suggest getting to this venue no later than 11:00 PM, or book bottle service but it really depends on the night. Once you walk in, and enter the venue you’ll see the main bar to the left and the and the seated areas located around the club. At the back is the DJ booth and a hall that leads to the washrooms. Price of drinks at Mademoiselle start at $13+ tax for mixed drinks, $11+ tax for beer, and $10+ tax for liquor shots. Also, you’ll notice there are glass displays with premium champagne near the entereance which is a really nice touch too.


Mademoiselle is located on the southside of King Street West, West of Spadina Street. This venue isn’t difficult to find, simply look for a white brick building with a blue accent, and you’ll see the small Mademoiselle branding on the wall near the door and the canopy.


You must be 19+ to enter Mademoiselle on a normal club night, no exceptions are made.


The dress code is classy, formal and fashion-forward, and as long as you are dressed well, there shouldn’t be any problems getting into the venue. With that said there isn’t any strict dress code at this venue since it doubles as a restaurant too. Women are allowed to bring in purses, however side bags for men are not allowed, nor is sports wear.


At Mademoiselle, you can expect the music to be mainly a mix of House and R&B. This club usually has a very well curated mix of music.


Cover charge for Mademoiselle is free for everyone as long as you’re on guestlist. Simply sign up for guestlist above to ensure you are able to get in.


We suggest you sign up for guestlist ahead of time to ensure you’re able to get into the club. Although this venues popularity varies from night to night we suggest you to aim to arrive for 11:15PM at the absolute latest since the venue can sometimes hit capacity as early as 11:30PM.


Bottle prices typically range from $450 – $650 on average for mid-range liquor bottles, higher end bottles are available which will cost upwards of $600+ a bottle. If you’re looking to check out Mademoiselle, simply sign up for guestlist and bottle service and one of our staff will help guide you further on your best options for bottle service.