Mystic Lounge Toronto

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Address: 2570 Eglinton Ave East in Scarborough, Toronto

Club Nights: Friday & Saturday

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 Mystic Lounge Toronto Guest List

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Mystic Lounge Information

📍LOCATION 2570 Eglinton Ave East in Scarborough, Toronto
📅 DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 3 am Sat. 10 pm – 3 am
• Casual Fashion Forward
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Chutney, House, Techno, Live Music, Reggaeton, Electro, Country, Pop, Latin, Rock/Alternative, Retro 80’s, and Retro 90’s
• Mature crowd
• 19+ years old

• No Cover

  • MUSIC 88% 88%
  • ATMOSPHERE 76% 76%
  • CROWD 61% 61%
  • $ VALUE 75% 75%

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Mystic Lounge Toronto Overview

Mystic Lounge Toronto is a popular spot for nightlife located in one of the busier areas of Scarborough. Often called “Scarborough’s Best Kept Secret,” it provides a unique getaway from the normal atmosphere of Toronto. You can find it easily on Eglinton Avenue East, close to Gilder Drive. The lounge is known for its welcoming and exciting environment, making it a great place to enjoy the night.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Review

Mystic Lounge is known for being extremely clean and cozy, making it a favourite spot for people who want to relax or celebrate special events. As soon as you walk in, you can see how much care they put into keeping the place welcoming and spotless. This ensures that every visit is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Mystic Lounge Address and Location

Located at 2570 Eglinton Ave East in Scarborough, Toronto, making it easy to get to for both locals and visitors. It’s right near the junction with Gilder Dr, which is a good spot for a night out because there are plenty of transportation options nearby. This makes the lounge easily accessible for everyone.

Mystic Lounge Size and Ambiance

The interior of the lounge is carefully planned to ensure comfort for up to 100 guests. It features a clean and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both relaxing and celebrating special occasions. The space is designed to make each visit memorable, whether it’s a casual evening or a significant event. This welcoming environment makes it an ideal choice for any night out.

Mystic Lounge Music

With a diverse music lineup that includes Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Chutney, House, Techno, Live Music, Reggaeton, Electro, Country, Pop, Latin, Rock/Alternative, Retro 80’s, and Retro 90’s, Mystic Lounge caters to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. This eclectic mix ensures that every visitor can find something to groove to, regardless of their music preference.

  • Ample room for guests to move and interact.
  • No cover charge for entry.
  • The lounge can get crowded by 11PM, affecting service and space.
  • Lacks an outdoor area for guests preferring open-air settings.
  • Get there early to avoid long lines, especially on nights when it’s very busy.
  • Make sure to wear the right clothes according to the lounge’s rules to make sure you can get in.
  • T.G.I.F. Fridays are extra fun and busy. If you’re planning to go on a Friday, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for a lively night.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Information

Mystic Lounge draws in a crowd that ranges from mature patrons to students. The lounge’s dynamic setting coupled with affordable drink prices — $10, and $7 for shots,— makes it a popular spot among various groups. Additionally, the nominal $5 coat check fee adds to the convenience.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Location

Situated at 2570 Eglinton Ave East in Scarborough, close to the corner of Gilder Dr, this lounge is easily accessible and has quickly become a favorite destination for nightlife in Toronto. Its prime location makes it an attractive option for both locals and visitors seeking a vibrant evening experience in the city.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Music

Mystic Lounge offers a wide variety of music that appeals to everyone’s tastes. The lounge is committed to playing a diverse mix of music genres, making sure that no two nights are the same. This variety provides guests with a unique and memorable listening experience each time they visit.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Dress Code

Mystic Lounge keeps its elegant atmosphere by having a casual dress code. Guests are asked not to wear sportswear, jerseys, or athletic shoes to fit with the lounge’s style of being laid-back yet fashionable. This dress code helps keep the setting comfortable and classy for everyone who visits.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Age Limit

Mystic Lounge welcomes guests who are 19 years of age and older. A valid ID is a must for entry, ensuring a mature and responsible crowd. This rule helps keep the lounge’s respected atmosphere and maintains safety standards.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Cover Charge

Guests can experience the lively atmosphere of the lounge without paying a cover charge, making it a great choice for both spontaneous evenings and planned outings. This policy of not charging an entry fee highlights the lounge’s dedication to offering a valuable and enjoyable experience to all who visit.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Guestlist Guide

For those planning to visit, securing a spot on the guestlist is highly recommended. To avoid long queues and ensure entry, arriving before 9:00 PM is advisable, especially during the busy summer months. Early arrival guarantees a smoother entry experience, allowing more time to enjoy the lounge’s offerings.

Mystic Lounge Toronto Booth & Bottle Service

Mystic Lounge provides an exclusive booth and bottle service starting at $100 for ticketed event nights, with varying prices based on the selection and group size. This service offers an enhanced experience for those seeking a more intimate setting, with options ranging up to $3,000+ for larger groups. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, the booth and bottle service at Mystic Lounge adds an extra layer of luxury and exclusivity to the evening.