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Address: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

Club Nights:  Saturday

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REBEL Club Information

📍 LOCATION: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4
📅 DAYS: Sat. 10 pm – 4 am
• No major restrictions
• Can dress casually
• Can dress semi•formally if preferred
Sat: Big Room House / EDM / Top 40 / Urban Top 40 (in Purple Room) / Latin (in Savage Room)
• University Crowd
• Young Professionals
• Slightly Mature Crowd
• 19 – 28 years old
• Crowd is dressed semi-formally or casually

• $20 
• Free with guestlist before 11:30

  • MUSIC 89% 89%
  • ATMOSPHERE 94% 94%
  • CROWD 78% 78%
  • $ VALUE 85% 85%



As the largest venue in Toronto, Rebel Nightclub is designed like a club you would find in Vegas. This guide will help give you all the information you need to make a decision on whether you should be on the Rebel Guestlist tonight or not. The main room offers a large dance floor with multiple booths sprawled throughout the venue, and a general square pathway around the dancefloor, surrounded with bars at either side. At the back there is a lounge style environment with a another bar. The ‘Purple Room’ offers a second sound in the main floor, which is more of a hip hop / trap vibe. Upstairs is separated into two sections, a VIP terrace for the main floor, and the “Noir” room which is more of a house/EDM Vibe.


As the largest venue in Toronto, Rebel lives up to the hype of what you would expect from a vegas-esque club. With three rooms and three different sounds a night, there is generally a spot for everyone. Additionally, they usually throw some sort of show/light show every night in case you were looking for something above the typical clubbing experience. We’ve been to Rebel quite a few times, and enjoy the extremely large venue, and large and diverse crowd it attracts. As it is the biggest and most known club in Toronto it attracts those who may not be into the nightlife scene, as well as those who are, and those just looking for somewhere to celebrate. Due to this, you can expect a wide array of ages, ethnicity, and social groups. However, as you would expect, a place that caters to all groups, Rebel does not define itself to a certain niche or demographic, additionally depending on the night or event, the venue may be overwhelmingly big or too high energy. If you are looking for a chill, casual or laid back night out Rebel may not necessarily be it, but if you are looking for a big night out, with a big group of people, or want the vibe of a larger club this is for sure the spot.


• Very large venue, with 3 different sounds in 3 different areas
• Fun venue to go to with friends
• Toronto’s best event venue


• May sometimes feel like ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’
• Venue maybe overwhelming for some


• Obtain guestlist to try to avoid longer lines
• Try to rotate the different rooms in the venue to find a vibe you like
• Outer areas of the main room are a more laid back vibe, while the middle of the dance floor in the main room is more high energy and crowded


The capacity of the Rebel Nightclub is approximately 4,000 people, which is almost four times the typical club in Toronto.
Coat check is available at this club for $3-5 depending on the season.

Drink prices start around $5+ for mixed drinks, $7+ for beer and somewhere between $6-10 for shots.

The club is modelled after a Las Vegas type club, so there are multiple rooms with multiple sounds including a VIP mezzanine area.
Rebel Nightclub is typically only open on Saturdays, for Revolution Saturdays, with exceptions made for special events and concerts.


Located by the Polson Pier in Toronto, Rebel Nightclub is not located in close proximity to other nightclubs which are typically found in the entertainment or fashion district of Toronto.


You must be 19+ to enter Rebel on a normal club night, no exception are made.


As mentioned the attire for dress code is pretty much everything goes, from casual to formal, there is not a strict enforcement of any type of dress code. However their bag policy may typically waver, as women are allowed to bring in bags, but side bags for men are typically not allowed.


As we have mentioned the main room is typically spinning top 40 mixed with some big room house and EDM remixes of top 40 tunes. Additionally, the purple room plays the top hip hop and rap hits, mixed in with some trap. If you are looking for a latin party, the ‘Savage’ room behind the main room plays all of the latin hits with a major focus on reggaeton bangers. If you are looking for EDM and trance upstairs in the ‘Noir’ room you can find just that.


There are 6 bars are Rebel, 3 in the main room, 1 in the Savage room, 1 in the Purple room, and 1 upstairs outside of the Noir room.


Cover charge for this Rebel is typically $20, however with guestlist, you can enter the club for free before 12:00. So do yourself a favour and sign up if you’re planning to go, to save on the entry fee. Additionally, guestlist sign up can get you on the Fast Track VIP line.


We suggest you sign up for guestlist ahead of time to ensure you do not have to pay an entrance fee. As cover charge still applies regardless of guestlist at 12:00 AM, we suggest you to aim to arrive for 11:15 (as depending on your transit, walking to Rebel or parking may take some additional time due to the high traffic area. Once at the club using our guestlist you can proceed to the VIP guestlist line which is a shorter line the standard guestlist line or the promoter guestlist line. This VIP entry will save you at least a 20 minute wait you would expect in the normal line, or the 10 minutes you would in the promoter line. FOr more information check out our Rebel Guestlist Guide.


The bottle prices typically range from $300-500 on average for mid-range liquor bottles, higher end bottles are available such as Ace of Spades which will cost upwards of $750+ a bottle. There are multiple birthday packages available, however, note that booth prices typically start at a 3 bottle minimum, so expect to pay at least $1,000. Table prices usually range from $1,000-$5,000 depending on the area in the venue. Base prices start for booths at the back, to more expensive booths in the birdcages at the front of the club, and VIP booths in the mezzanine section.


Rebel closes around 3:00 am / 3:30 am, at this point if you are still looking for somewhere to party, there some other clubs on King St maybe open that have 4 am last call. Additionally, there are multiple food spots in the entertainment district open for late-night meals. 


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