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Address: 229 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1W2

Club Nights: Friday & Saturday

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RendezViews Club Information

📍LOCATION 229 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1W2
📅 DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 3 am Sat. 10 pm – 3 am
• Casual
Fri/Sat: Top 40, Live perfomances
• Anyone
• 19+ years old (for special events)

• No Cover


  • MUSIC 88% 88%
  • ATMOSPHERE 76% 76%
  • CROWD 61% 61%
  • $ VALUE 75% 75%

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RendezViews Toronto Overview

RendezViews is one of Canada’s biggest outdoor places to eat and hang out, often called “Toronto’s Most Epic Patio Ever.” You can find it at 229 Richmond St W. This lively spot has a great mix of fun, food, and a lively atmosphere that both locals and visitors love. Whether you want to relax with friends, have a drink, or watch a live show, RendezViews has something for everyone.

RendezViews Toronto Review

At RendezViews, you can enjoy a variety of drinks, including cocktails, pub food, and many types of beer. The best part of this place is its bright and lively outdoor area, which has a huge screen that makes the experience even better. The colourful decorations and fun atmosphere make it a favourite spot for many people. The friendly service and warm welcome keep guests coming back, and it often gets great reviews from visitors who love its unique charm and energy.

RendezViews Address and Location

You can find RendezViews at 229 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1W2, Canada. It’s easy to get to because it’s just south of Adelaide Street W and east of Duncan Street, right in the downtown area.

RendezViews Size and Ambiance

RendezViews has the biggest and most colourful outdoor patio in Toronto. The bright murals and colourful picnic tables create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. The patio is 15,000 square feet and serves as a display for artists to show their vibrant artwork. This space is designed to be both fun and relaxing, making it perfect for gatherings of any size.

RendezViews Music

The music at RendezViews mainly features Top 40 hits, which creates a lively and fun atmosphere. Sometimes, the music changes if there is a live performance, adding some surprise and excitement. This variety ensures there’s always something new and entertaining for guests to enjoy.

  • Walk-in guests are welcome, making it easy to drop by without a reservation.
  • The venue is family and pet-friendly, allowing everyone to enjoy the experience.
  • The venue can get quite busy during holidays or major events, so it’s best to plan accordingly.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted.
  • Patio umbrellas are available, although not used during parties to avoid obstructing views. Guests can bring their own small umbrellas if needed.
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own cake. There is a $2 per guest cake cutting fee, which includes cake service with candles or sparklers, as well as plates and utensils. This policy makes it easy to celebrate special occasions without any hassle.

RendezViews Toronto Information

RendezViews can welcome up to 450,000 visitors and is known as Toronto’s lifestyle public square. It offers a range of activities like pickleball and volleyball. It is a popular spot for watching sports, attending cultural festivals, and celebrating special moments with friends and family. In the summer, RendezViews has individual cabins for groups of up to 10 people. Each cabin has a large-screen TV, an outdoor bench, and a personal fire pit, perfect for enjoying the night. There’s no minimum spend; you only pay a small fee to use the fire pit.

In winter, RendezViews turns into a winter wonderland with a large synthetic skating rink, offering free skating and rentals for all ages. This seasonal change makes it a fun destination all year round.

Beer buckets start at $42, and mixed drinks range from $17 to $140, offering options for every taste and budget. Whether you want a simple beer or a fancy cocktail, RendezViews has a drink menu that will satisfy any preference.

RendezViews Toronto Location

Located at 229 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1W2, Canada. It’s easy to get to because it’s south of Adelaide Street W and east of Duncan Street. Its central location makes it a convenient spot for both locals and visitors.

RendezViews Toronto Music

At RendezViews, most of the music you’ll hear is popular Top 40 songs, which give the place a lively and fun vibe. Sometimes, though, the music changes if there’s a live performance happening. This keeps things interesting and new for people who come often.

RendezViews Toronto Dress Code

RendezViews has a relaxed dress code, meaning you can wear whatever makes you comfortable, and it’s a good idea to dress appropriately for the weather. This easygoing rule makes the place feel even more welcoming and relaxed for everyone who visits.

RendezViews Toronto Age Limit

Usually, families can enjoy RendezViews, but for special events like sports watch parties or festivals, the age limit is typically 19 and up. This helps make sure that everyone at those events feels comfortable, and the atmosphere is right for everyone.

RendezViews Toronto Cover Charge

You don’t have to pay anything to get into RendezViews, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to have a good time without spending extra money on entry fees.

RendezViews Toronto Guestlist Guide

RendezViews doesn’t use a guestlist, which means anyone can come in and enjoy the place without having to plan ahead or get on a list beforehand. This makes the experience more open and welcoming for everyone who wants to visit.

RendezViews Toronto Booth & Bottle Service

If you want to make your time at RendezViews extra special, you can choose bottle service. This means you can get bottles of drinks brought to your table. It’s great for celebrating special occasions or just having a more private and comfortable time with friends.