Tequila Jacks
📍LOCATION 184 Pearl St, Toronto, ON M5H 1L5
📅DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10 pm – 2 am
• No major restrictions
• Can dress casually, but no athletic wear
Fri/Sat: Top 40 / EDM
• Energetic Youth
• 19 – 22 years old
• Crowd is very casual / streetwear
• $10
  • MUSIC 68% 68%
  • ATMOSPHERE 64% 64%
  • CROWD 59% 59%
  • $ VALUE 84% 84%
A small sized venue with 4 bars, a main dancefloor with a narrow stage height elevated area for dancing an elevated area with smaller dancefloor, elevated booth and bar.
Tequila Jack’s aka TJ’s is a well known tequila bar that attracts a very consistent energetic young crowd. You’ll usually find people who just turned the legal drinking age of 19 to people in their very early 20s. We’ve found it can be a fun place to go to if you’re in the area but can get stale fairly quickly due to its relatively small size. We’ve also noticed the music can sometimes be inconsistent, but usually the crowd seems to enjoy it. For the sake of objectivity, if you’re a young college student, this is usually one of the first of a few clubs you’ll likely go to and you’ll enjoy it if you like energetic crowds. People are typically friendly and will socialize. Peak times are 11:30pm to 2:00am and beyond on some nights. We’ve noticed that at the start of the night the ratio of women to men is high but then flips and get extremely packed. In summary, if you’re young and want to dance with and meet other people you age, this is the place for you.
• Fun university party vibe
• Crowd is sociable, and loves to dance
• Good value for cover charge
• Gets very crowded and sweaty at peak hours
• Not the largest venue, can get stale
• Ratio of males to females increases as night goes on
• Stamped re-entry for smoking outside
• 2 elevated secondary dancefloors are located at the back with comfy seating areas