The Ballroom Bowl

145 John St, Toronto, ON M5V 2E4


Fri. 10 pm – 2 am

Sat. 10 pm – 2 am

• Anything goes

• Caps and sneakers are permitted

Fri / Sat: Top 40
• University crowd

• 19 – 21 years old

• Crowd is dressed casual

• $5
  • MUSIC 72% 72%
  • ATMOSPHERE 77% 77%
  • CROWD 71% 71%
  • $ VALUE 78% 78%

Ballroom first and foremost is a bowling meets restaurant venue, but has been known for being a hotspot amongst the youth of Toronto. Upstairs is where the party is – there is a large dancefloor in front of a large bar. The other areas of the restaurant remain as is, so there is a lot of tables available to sit, and the rec room where games are.

Ballroom being a restaurant/bowling venue gives the first impression that it is more of dance bar. Although after spending a night partying here you can definitely see why this is considered a club. This venue is very casual but can be fun to enjoy with a group of friends. People are fairly friendly on the dancefloor, but people usually come with their friends and sit down at tables. Later on in the night there is sometimes a ping pong table in the second room if you’re into drunk ping pong against friends or randoms. Ballroom tends to get quite busy past 11:30pm until about 1:30am. The crowd is a mix of young and energetic professionals as well as slightly more mature demographic. Due to the nature of its location, you’ll find a different mix of people here, but generally they’re relatively young.


• Cheap cover
• Attracts younger University crowd
• Large venue and games to play


• Not a ‘true club’
• Music can be very generic


• Arrive before 12:30 to avoid lines
• If you need space for a large group arrive early so you can get a table/booth for your group