Vertigo Toronto

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Address: 66 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5B 2M2

Club Nights:  Friday & Saturday



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Vertigo Toronto Information

📍LOCATION 66 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5B 2M2
📅 DAYS Fri. 10 pm – 3 am Sat. 10 pm – 3 am
• Fashion Forward
• Semi-Formal
Fri/Sat: EDM/Top-40
• Young Professionals/Professionals
• 25 – 35+ years old
• Crowd is dressed casual/semi-formal

• $20
• Ladies free before 11:00 PM

  • MUSIC 77% 77%
  • ATMOSPHERE 84% 84%
  • CROWD 73% 73%
  • $ VALUE 77% 77%


Vertigo Toronto Overview

Vertigo Toronto, located at 66 Gerrard St E, stands out as a premier after-hours EDM club, celebrated for its outstanding house and techno beats and distinct underground feel. Catering to night owls and party lovers, this club is a sanctuary of consistent quality, known for its amiable staff, top-notch service, and premium drinks. It’s the ideal destination for anyone eager to dance the night away until the early morning in an energetic and spirited environment.

Vertigo Toronto Review

Renowned for its deep house and techno vibes, the club thrives with an underground ambiance. It’s a paradise for those who revel in the night, offering a reliable and enjoyable experience with its affable staff and exemplary service. The club’s selection of high-quality drinks complements the energetic atmosphere, making it a prime location for dancing into the early hours. This venue stands out in Toronto’s nightlife as a top destination for an unforgettable night of music and celebration.

Address and Location

Vertigo, located at 66 Gerrard St E in downtown Toronto, is a prominent spot in the city’s clubbing landscape. Its convenient downtown position, close to Church Street, makes it a popular choice for both local residents and visitors seeking a vibrant night out.

Club Size and Capacity

With an expansive dance floor and an outdoor patio area, Vertigo can host a large number of guests. The club’s design focuses on fostering a high-energy atmosphere, perfectly suited for an enhanced music and dance experience.

Music and Demographic

Renowned for hosting world-class DJs and specializing in lively house and techno beats, Vertigo Toronto is a hotspot for passionate EDM fans. It’s recognized as one of Toronto’s premier destinations for house and techno enthusiasts, attracting a crowd that’s dedicated to the dance scene.

  • World-class DJs and premium house and techno music.
  • Spacious dance floor and outdoor patio for an immersive experience.
  • High-quality drinks and excellent service enhance the overall experience.
  • High demand can lead to crowded conditions.
  • Limited seating available due to the focus on the dance floor.
  • Can be challenging to get into due to its popularity in the house and techno scene.
  • Arrive early to avoid long lines and secure entry, especially on busy nights.
  • Consider booking bottle service for a more exclusive experience and guaranteed seating.

Vertigo Toronto General Information

Vertigo Toronto boasts a wide selection of beverages, with drink prices generally falling between $10 and $12. The club also provides bottle service, with booth prices beginning at $1,000, catering to those looking for a more exclusive experience. Additionally, a convenient coat check service is available for a nominal fee. The venue’s design strategically emphasizes the dance floor space, ensuring a lively and immersive party atmosphere for all guests.

Vertigo Toronto Location

Vertigo Toronto is situated at 66 Gerrard St E, right in the bustling core of downtown Toronto. Its proximity to various city landmarks and its placement in a lively neighborhood enhances its attractiveness as a go-to destination for those seeking an exciting nightlife experience.

Vertigo Toronto Age Limit

The club upholds a 19+ age policy, adhering to Ontario’s legal drinking age, which helps in maintaining a mature clientele and fostering a responsible party atmosphere. This policy is in place to ensure an adult-only environment, aligning with the club’s commitment to a safe and enjoyable nightlife experience.

Vertigo Toronto Music

Vertigo Toronto is a hub for house and techno music enthusiasts, featuring live performances from acclaimed artists and DJs. The club is equipped with a top-notch sound system and carefully designed acoustics, all dedicated to delivering an exceptional music experience. This focus on high-quality sound and live acts ensures that every visit to Vertigo Toronto is a memorable one for fans of these genres.

Vertigo Toronto Dress Code

At Vertigo Toronto, the dress code is ‘Fashion Forward Attire’, encouraging guests to dress in stylish outfits that complement the club’s fashionable and energetic ambiance. This dress policy aligns with the venue’s trendy vibe, ensuring that the overall aesthetic of the club is maintained by its patrons.

Vertigo Toronto Cover Charge

The standard cover charge at Vertigo Toronto is generally set at $20, although this can vary for special events or nights when tickets are required. To potentially reduce the cost of entry fees, guests are advised to sign up for the club’s guestlist, which can offer savings and make the experience more affordable.

Vertigo Toronto Guestlist Guide

Guests planning to visit Vertigo Toronto are recommended to sign up for the guestlist to secure their entry, particularly on nights when the club is expected to be busy. Additionally, it’s advisable to arrive before 11:30 PM to bypass the peak hours and enjoy a more relaxed entry into the club.

Vertigo Toronto Booth & Bottle Service

Vertigo Toronto provides the option for booth and bottle service reservations, allowing guests to enjoy an exclusive and elevated experience. Those interested in this premium service can sign up for bottle service to secure a booth reservation at Vertigo Toronto.