Promoter Job Posting

Position Details:

  • Looking for a promoter to sell tickets to events (events can be club events, mixers, networking, or a variety of events)
  • You will make a percentage commission on each tickets sold – usually $7-10 a ticket on average.
  • You should be able to sell tickets to an event through various means at your discretion (social media, flyers, word of mouth)
  • You will be given a referral code for orders to track how many tickets you sell
  • This is a contractor position, solely commissioned based, and you will invoice us for the work done. The position is remote, and does not require you to attend any events, however free tickets will be provided to you for all events for which you have made sales for.

Ideal Candidates:
Do you have a large network of people who often go out?
Are you a student or downtown creative with resources to promote events?


We will give you links to events in Toronto, you’ll choose a unique code that your customers will use to get 10% off their ticket, but also will attribute the sale to you.

For every sale you make you will be given a commission. Promoters can generally sell 10-20 tickets and expect to earn $100-200 an event, but the more you can sell the more you can earn. 

Apply below and well contact you to get started: