Juliet Saturday FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Time To Arrive:
Come for 11:00 PM. We know it’s early, but the club line gets crazy by 11:20. Unless you want to wait for 20-35 minutes arrive before 11.

What To Do When You Arrive At The Club:
Before you line up call the Top Toronto Clubs Promoter who has contacted you. They will try to give you free tickets if available. (Free Tickets are first come first serve).

What If You Arrive after 11PM or Later?:
You are still on guestlist and can say your name to the Guestlist Girl at the front door.
You may be given reduced cover ($15 instead of $20) while reduced tickets last (first come first serve).

Cover Charge / Coat Check:
Girls are free on guestlist before 11:30PM, and there are limited free tickets for guys. Past 11PM we may or may not have Free entry tickets, but you may be given reduced cover ($15 instead of $20). Free entry/reduced cover is first come first serve. Coat check is usually around $4.

What’s The Juliet Dress Code?
No fanny packs, or bags.

What’s The Address For Juliet Toronto?
 510 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4. Or you can open directly in Google Maps here.

When Should You Call Your Uber?
We suggest calling the Uber at 10:20PM – 10:30PM at the latest if you’re in the downtown core,
or as early as 9:45PM – 10:00PM if you’re in the GTA. Try to be ~10 minutes early (10:50 PM as stated above).

Need To Add More People To Guestlist?
Either contact your Top Toronto Clubs promoter you are in contact with over text or fill out the form below and we’ll update your guestlist!


Juliet Guest List 

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