Lavelle Patio Toronto

One of Toronto’s top rooftop patio resturaunts by day and club by night with a breathtaking view of King West from above.

Tel: (647) 347-9353

Address: 627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5


Lavelle is one of Toronto’s top rooftop patios in the city. Located in the Fashion District on King West, this massive rooftop lounge and club has a truly unique view of King West from above. This particular venue is normally a restaurant and bar during the day and converts into a full fledged club/lounge at night with large outdoor cabanas, picnic tables, and seating along it’s several large wading pools located inside and outside the patio area. During the day Lavelle has a much more laid back and chill vibe, while at night it turns into a traditional, but not overly energetic club and patio vibe.

Our Review:

Lavelle is Toronto’s premier rooftop club-patio. Having an almost monopoly on this market, no other venue offers a rooftop club-lounge vibe in Toronto, so if that’s the vibe you’d like there’s only one venue for it. Located at the very top of Toronto of the King West Residences, Lavelle offers chic dining options, with a great view of the Toronto Skyline. Although due to fire safety options being a rooftop venue, there is a limited capacity, and often times reservations will be needed to be made ahead of time, or will require purchase of bottles for seating.

Patio Type:

Rooftop Lounge


Lounge House & Hip-Hop


Young & Mature Business Professionals, 21-35+


Sophisticated rooftop patio with a chill restolounge vibe during the day and club vibe by night.

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