Pie Bar Pop-Up Toronto Patio (Woodbine)

Wood fired Neopolitan-style pies located in Woodbine Beach.

Tel: (416) 690-5516

Address: 1702 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1G6


Pie Bar is a unique outdoor patio pop-up located behind Murphy’s Law in the Woodbine Beach area. This spot is one of two Pie Bar pop-ups in the city that feature wood fired pizza pies made in stone ovens. This large outdoor patio features picnic table style seating in the back lot of the Murphy’s Law Bar with wood fire stoves blazing away on the side. The smell of wood burning definitely adds to the experience as you line up for your pie.

This pizza pop up spot is definitely a modern and trendy spot that is aimed toward a younger demographic, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t enjoy a nice pizza pie. This causal outdoor pizza spot is a great place to hit with a group of friends who are looking for a quick and easy place to eat before or after hitting Woodbine Beach since it’s just a few minutes walk away. The ambiance is modern and chill, order and seat yourself type of venue. Pie bar doesn’t just offer pizza, but it also offers drinks and wine to go with your pizza too!

Our Review:

If you’re looking for a nice outdoor pizza spot in the Woodbine beach area, Pie Bar is a great choice. You get all of the high quality, fresh and delicious pizza you’d get at the flagship Pie Bar location on the waterfront but near the beach. This particular pop up patio features casual picnic bench seating in the back lot of Murphy’s Law as well as the aforementioned wood fire stoves that make these pizzas so great. Pie Bar doesn’t just offer your standard pizza, they use high quality ingredients, and the distinct taste of wood fired pies actually make these pizzas a cut above.




Young & Mature Professionals, 21-35+


Open Concept, Casual Pop-up Patio

Our In-Depth Review:

To start we enjoyed the tasty and light Margherita pizza which had a super tasty dough, perfect tomato sauce with just the right amount of acidity, and of course fresh basil and mozzarella (fior di latte) to top it all off.

Secondly we enjoyed the meaty and hearty Godfather pizza which comes topped with fior di latte, dry cured pepperoni, double smoked wild boar bacon, rosemary ham, house-infused rosemary oil. This pizza was both filling and delicious, again with a high quality dough and tomato sauce.

All in all we really enjoyed Pie Bar’s pop up located at the back lot of Murphy’s Law near Woodbine Beach, and would highly recommend it to anyone who may be going to the beach and is looking for nice high-quality pizza pies to enjoy before or after their trip to the beach or the surrounding area. 



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