Sales Position Posting

Position Details:

  • Making calls and texts to clients to close sales
  • Must be able to spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day making calls and sending texts (6 days a week) ($40 flat for 2 hours of work per week + commissions)
  • Follow up on calls/texts
  • Log calls briefly in a google sheet
  • You make a 10% commission on top of the $40 flat rate
  • Must be good at speaking on the phone/making sales over the phone
  • Ideal for students or WFH candidates looking for additional work with 10-30 mins of free time a day

Interview requirements:

  • Please have a discord username available upon reply- if not please create one. Training and overviews will be done over discord.
  • Please ensure you have a google account with access to google sheets, and provide us your email account upon application for the position.
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Sales Poisition Application

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