Tanto Toronto Patio

A modern Argentinian Steakhouse, located in Ossington Village

Tel: (416) 546-3022

Address: 922 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 2Y7


Tanto is an Argentinian Steakhouse currently operating as a covered outdoor patio. Located in the heart of the Ossington Village, the patio is spacious enough to fit approximately 30 patrons. The patio has a modern tropical/floral vibe and is perfect for a summer night out. As an Argentinian Steakhouse, expect amazing grilled meat dishes served with chimichurri, however, there are also great offerings for those who lean towards chicken or seafood, as well as hearty vegtable dishes. The ambiance is relaxed but sophisticated, playing a mix of modern house and R&B, Tanto sets the perfect mood for small group outings or a date night, with its music and ambiance.

Our Review:

Tanto has long been known as a well respected and highly rated Argentinian steakhouse, and it’s patio experience follows suit. With a menu separated into Snacks, Vegetables, Meat and Seafood, the variety of dishes is diverse enough for a steakhouse but also seamlessly compliment each other. Although well known in the Ossington Area, Tanto is a hidden gem for steak connoisseurs, enough that we highly recommend the 20oz Rib Steak served with a chimichurri sauce on the side as potentially one of the best steak dishes in Toronto.  Having tried many steaks in the city, some of the most well-known steakhouses sometimes fail to meet the mark for high expectations. At Tanto from it’s cut to it’s subtle seasoning, all the way to its charred crust this steak is the one you’ve been craving. Other stand-out dishes include Fried Squash Blossoms – deep-fried dumpling creations bursting with squash and corn served with delicious tomato aioli, and the Tuna Carpaccio, which is delectably fresh, served on toasted bread with tapenade. Chef Julian Iliopoulos is really doing some incredible things at Tanto.

Tanto is the ideal spot for a relaxed dinner night out, especially for foodies as the dishes are not only unique but exceptionally balanced and well plated. We guarantee you will fall in love with one dish at Tanto, as it’s solidifying its place as one of the best dinner patios in the Ossington Village – if not Toronto. Tanto is not a spot that will disappoint!

Patio Type:

Dinner Patio


Modern House / R&B


Young & Mature Professionals, 21-35+


Sophisticated but relaxed Dinner Patio

Our In-Depth Review:

Tanto offers a wide variety of drinks and cocktails that pair well with the steakhouse style dishes served. We sampled the ‘Pepino Smash’ (on the left) and the Sangria (on the right). The Sangria was bright and fresh – what one would hope to have when ordering a Sangria, but we enjoyed the Pepino Smash comprised of ginn, white vermouth, pimms and cucumber cordial, as its a summery bright sweet with a bit of sour cocktail perfect with a hearty meal. 

For starters Chef Julian Iliopoulos served us a mindblowing appetizer, fried squash blossums with corn and smoked tomato aioli. This delicious dish was the perfect introduction to the night with a taste of some great comfort food, done in a sophisticated fashion, with unique plating.

We next sampled the Tuna Carpaccio with marinated tomato, black olives, all saturated in olive oil and served with a side of toasted bread. The Tuna itself we could tell was very fresh and high quality, paired perfectly with the toasted bread, and overall this dish had a subtle yet refined flavour that we think anyone would enjoy.

Next was a tasty vegetable dish comprised of grilled maitake mushrooms on a bed of creamy stracciatella cheese and peas. This dish really stood out to us as a perfect vegetarian option with the mushrooms being grilled to perfection and seasoned just right. The contrast between the lightly salted and charred mushrooms paired with the soft and creamy straccitella cheese and peas makes for a very balanced dish overall.

For the main course we enjoyed a beautiful Koji-aged 20oz Rib steak served with a side of chimichurri. We’re not kidding when we say this was literally the definition of a perfect Argentinian steak.

With it’s charred outer crust, perfectly rendered fat, and light seasoning of coarse salt Chef Julian really brought out the savoury taste of this extremely high-quality and beautiful cut of beef. Having tried many steaks across the city, we can say this is a contender in the conversation of ‘best steak in Toronto’. Paired with a side of Papas Provenzal (provencal potatoes) that were perfectly cooked and seasoned, this is a meal that we think any steak lover would really enjoy.

Lastly we tried the Guava Cheescake, which was as sublime as it looked. Decadent, and sweet, it was a perfect end to meal. Checking off all aspects of what you would expect from a good cheesecake, Tanto once again did not miss a beat.

Overall we found all dishes at Tanto to be very high quality and meticulously prepared to ensure dishes were bright, flavourful but well balanced. Truly a patio that could be enjoyed by all, not just steak lovers. We reccomend Tanto as a perfect relaxed but sophisticated patio for Dinner. 

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