The Best New Venues Opening in Toronto this Summer

Now that corona restrictions are lessoning and businesses are beginning to open up, many businesses and restaurants slated for launch in 2020 have been pushed back to launch in 2021. This summer in Toronto we will see multiple new businesses that were not open prior to COVID-19. Among these new businesses, there are multiple patios/lounges that are new and are more than worth checking out this summer.

Disclaimer: Top Toronto Clubs does not advocate breaking local laws or regulations. Please refer to the Local, Provincial and Federal Government’s COVID-19 guidelines before going out to the club/patio.

Patio re-opening currently allows for 4 people per table, so these are the best new spots for you and up to three of your friends to check out this summer to have a good time.

We at Top Toronto Clubs aim to guide the young professionals and socialites of Toronto unlike Toronto blog and restaurant sites that may cater to all demographics, we cater to those who are 20-35, and are looking for a trendy or lively venue with a crowd that fits them.

Vela Toronto

90 Portland Street
Vela is located at King St. and Portland, right in the middle of the fashion district. Vela Toronto is slated to be an indoor restaurant but due to the corona viruses’ impact, Vela has leveraged an expansive outdoor patio to allow a higher capacity crowd this summer. Expect earthy cuisine, music and drinks at this patio – definitely our top spot to look out for this summer, especially when you’re taking a walk down King Street.

Gerrard East Market

1018 Gerrard St. E.
This was a new launch in 2020 but due to Corona wasn’t able to take advantage of this beautiful summer spot. This location used to be a parking lot around the Gerrard East end but has been transformed into an outdoor market/patio. You can come here for drinks and food including artisan noodles, pho, cubana sandwiches, and other snacks that pair great with a beer or cocktail. This is more of a day venue as it closes around 11pm depending on the night.


2840 Dundas St. W.
This is another renovated area of Toronto, on Dundas where a previously open lot has been transformed into an outdoor patio, with a quaint vibe and relaxing music. Deco serves italian based cuisine, and specializes in wine, but has other cocktails on the menu too. This one is worth checking out for a pizza and wine night.

Maison Shelby

592 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M4X 1L4
This outdoor patio reflects its French Bistro wine very well, and has a different vibe than most of your typical Toronto Patios. This patio has wooden chairs and tables, is decorated in pastel colours and flowers, and Maison Shelby serves French Bistro cuisine so you can get your ratatouille on during this patio season.

MARBL Toronto

455 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4
Although not necessarily a new venue, this restolounge on King has transformed and shifted to adapt to the post-pandemic environment by offering its patrons a new patio experience previously not offered. You can still enjoy MARBL’s classic cuisine, along with its lounge like environment on King Street. What sets MARBL apart from the typical patios is location. Located right on King, in the entertainment/fashion district this is one of the newest, and most prestigious nightlife venues on King.

Note: We will continue to update this list as new venue open this summer. Continue checking back or subscribing to our mailing list below to stay in the loop of the newest hottest patios, and bar and club reopenings to stay in the know.

We expect venues to continue to shift while navigating reopening in corona restrictions, such that many places will continue to focus on outdoor dining and drinks to allow for sit down experiences rather than the take out option we have had to suffice with the past year. As new venues open, and new patios emerge, our team will continue to visit and survey the area to curate the best venues for young professionals.