The Best Patios In Toronto

Now that Toronto Lockdown restrictions have been lifted from Toronto, in the first phase of reopening, patios will be the main source of entertainment, if you are looking to socially enjoy food and drinks.

After the effects of Covid-19 multiple venues have closed, or will not be reopening due to rebranding or other circumstances, but we at have been in contact with the venues in Toronto to help guide you on where you can go to enjoy this summer.

Disclaimer: Top Toronto Clubs does not advocate breaking local laws or regulations. Please refer to the Local, Provincial and Federal Government’s COVID-19 guidelines before going out to the club.

Here are our top ranked patios in Toronto for you to check out. We at Top Toronto Clubs differentiate ourselves from the typical Toronto blog and food websites, as we are aimed to curate the best patios and contents for young professionals and weekend warriors who might fall into the age range of 20-35 years old. We check out the hottest spots in Toronto on your behalf, so we can find you the gems where you’ll all of Toronto’s socialites at.

If you’re looking for a more detailed patio guide, note we’ve also put together some post-corona lists for the best rooftop patios (for those looking to enjoy the view), and the best patios specifically for drinks.

1. Lavelle

627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

Lavelle has always been one of the best Patios in the city at night. Due to the great view of downtown Toronto and the Entertainment/Fashion District, this resto-lounge is the most popular rooftop patio for nightly social outings. Located on the top floor of a King West and Bathurst condo, Lavelle spins hip-hop and lounge music to set the vibe. Note that the space limitations due to the pools in the venue, cause this venue to have  limited capacity, and it can often become full quite quickly on a weekend night, so be sure to get there a little bit earlier than your reservation.

Lavelle Patio

2. Kost

80 Blue Jays Way 44th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2G3

Kost has made its name as being possibly the most popular rooftop patio brunch location in Toronto, however post-pandemic has transitioned successfully into a popular daytime venue patio. If you’re looking for a day-drinking spot with a view that can bring you some vacation vibes, Kost is the place. Decorated in light brown wood, neutral tones and baby blue accents, Kost has the feel of an ocean side pool bar. We recommend this patio for day drinking patio vibes, or to grab some breakfast or lunch, or just snacks.


3. Shangri-La Patio

188 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

This is the posh outdoor patio, is for young professionals, and mature clientele. Located at the Shangri-La Hotel, you definitely should know there’s some ritzy vibes going on here, but if you’re looking for a Luxy patio with some luxury dining, then this is the spot. Come here for their artisan drinks and food menu – the ideal place to impress a date for a patio outing. Note this venue is a bit on the pricier side but also the exclusivity brings a more upscale crowd.

Shangri-La Patio

4. Stakt

28 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 0C6

If you don’t know what Stakt is yet, its an outdoor market located steps away from Toronto’s club district. One major advantage is being an outdoor market, Stakt has a huge outdoor patio, and a very park-esque vibe that serves both food and drinks. Definitely more of a casual patio spot, and one of the best ones if you’re grabbing drinks during the day before heading out for dinner on the town later on since it’s just a block away from King and Portland.

Stakt Patio


5. Petty Cash

487 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1T4

Petty Cash used to be one of Toronto’s most popular club-bars, however post-corona Petty Cash has taken advantage of its outdoor patio to allow patrons to still enjoy the King West night out vibes the way they used to be able to pre-covid. Although one of the smaller patios on the list, expect Petty Cash to still be lively, and one of night patio locations that encounters the most foot traffic. Petty Cash is very reminiscent of a normal nightlife spot before COVID if that’s the vibe you’re looking for, and we know a lot of you are looking for something like this.

Petty Cash Patio

6. Cabana Waterfront

11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

Where would a patio list be without Toronto’s most popular waterfront patio. Cabana most known for being Toronto’s premiere and only waterfront day-club revised their location to be a fully seated patio during this covid-19 era. This is a great day-time patio, ideal for day drinking and appetizers by the water, but not a bad spot to grab a whole meal as well. You can’t beat the Cabana view of the Toronto skyline from the Lake, and all white decor that gives you the closest you’ll come to a beach club vibe in Toronto, reminiscent of a Miami beach club.

Cabana Patio

We hope this guide helped you to plan out a great patio session, but as this has been a high level overview of Toronto’s best Patios, we haven’t included all the specific options. Stay up to date with top picks on venues for this summer from our team at Top Toronto Clubs, a group of club, bar, and patio connoisseurs who are in the know about what is popping in the city. 

Although Toronto and Ontario are still subject to local and provincial health regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re here to help you navigate the constantly evolving bar and nightlife scene so we can all get a break from being inside and enjoy the summer a little bit this year!

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