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Customized Itinerary.

Your Concierge will consult with you by phone to understand your group and vision for the trip, answer all your questions and give you advice. Your Concierge will help prepare a full itinerary for your group based on the ‘Itinerary Outline Section’ below.


Exclusive Experience:

We will take you to atleast 2-3 top tier nightclubs in downtown Toronto. These clubs are generally located on King Street and change every week. However some examples of venues we include in our crawl in the past are: EFS, Lavelle, Petty Cash, Goldie, Lost and Found and many others.

The Package:

  • Reccomendation for Restaurant for Dinner at the Hottest Toronto Supperclubs
  • Free Entry at One Toronto NightClub, with a free drink
  • Free entry at a second Toronto NightClub

Itinerary Outline:

Our Experts will give you the best current reccomendations at hot Toronto Supperclubs, so you can dine in style. The restaurants will be in a central location so you’re just a uber or walk away from the clubs after dinner. An alternative to dinner can be an upscale or trendy bar in the area.

Dinner will generally start at 8:30PM and we give your group an hour or two to eat and hang out.

At 10:30PM / 11PM a VIP host will take you to the first club, where you will get free cover and a drink (you will also be given the option to get bottles if you’d like).

Later on in the night you will be taken to a second venue with Free Cover by our host. At this venue you will also be given the option to get bottle service if you would like.

Finally, at the end of the night, your Top Toronto Clubs guide will provide you with recommendations for the best after the club spots, which includes the hottest post-club diners, take out spots, and other after hour spots.

Package Pricing:

*Minimum Group of 4

  • $50 a Person (a $100 value)


Club Entry for Guys in Toronto is typically $20. We provide entry for two clubs ($40 Value). Additionally, a free drink is provided at the first venue ($5-7 value).

Additionally, you are provided access to our expert concierge which helps recommend and guide your group for dinner reservations, as well as after club activities. Additionally, on the night of a VIP host will guide your group into the two venues. The concierge service itself can be considered a $50-$75 value.

No hidden fees, full transparency, no upselling. 

We plan your party so you don’t have to.

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