Toronto Bachelorette Party 

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How It Works.

We use our nightlife knowledge and connections to help get you the best deal for your budget but also at the hottest venues in Toronto. Our nightlife experts know the best venues that are mature enough but still lively enough for your Bachelorette Party. Don’t make the mistake of ending up at a Kiddy Club with 19 year olds, or over paying thousands of dollars at a dead vanue.

No budget? No Problem – We’ll get you free cover at least and maybe a few free drinks. Have some more to spend? We can get you great deals on bootles or booths. And if you wanna go all out? We’ll help place you at the hottest club, with the best packages (sparklers galore,  signs, cupcakes and hors d’oeuvres).

The Deals:

If youre curious to the potential deals we can get you, here are some examples we’ve hooked our guests up with before:

  • FREE cover for your entire group (no booth or bottle purchase required)
  • FREE cover and a round or two of FREE drinks for your entire group (no booth or bottle purchase required)
  • Discounted Bottle options ($200-600 budget)
  • Top Tier booths and Packages ($1,000+ budget)

Other Perks:

When you sign up and book your party with us, other perks are:

  • We can give your group FREE digital Bachelorette Games / Tasks to play on your night out
  • Advice and assistance on the Night out for related activities (The best after the club food spots, after parties, etc.) 

Plan Your Bachelorette Party in Toronto.


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