Lavelle Toronto

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Address: 627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

Club Nights:  Friday & Saturday



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Lavelle Club Information


📍LOCATION 627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
📅DAYS Fri. 10:30 pm – 2 am
Sat. 10:30 pm – 2 am
Sun. 11:00 am – 8 pm
• Fashion Forward Casual
• Smart / stylish attire
• No side bags
Fri/Sat: Hip Hop / R&B / Trap
• Upscale Young Professionals
• A mix of Upscale Professionals / Younger Fashion Forward Crowd
• 21 – 40+ years old
• Crowd is dressed stylish

• $20

  • MUSIC 89% 89%
  • ATMOSPHERE 94% 94%
  • CROWD 78% 78%
  • $ VALUE 85% 85%



Toronto’s only true rooftop lounge and club, Lavelle is located on King St. West, in the Fashion District above the condos on King. Boasting a rooftop view of the downtown core and spectacular scenic view of the CN tower and the bustling Toronto streets, this view is breath taking and only second to that of the Thompson Hotel Rooftop. This venue has an outdoor lounge with a multiple shallow pools, an indoor bar, and dining area. It has a beautiful view unlike any other in the city.

Lavelle although a restaurant during the day where it is somewhere between business casual to semi-formal dining, is transformed into a lounge by night and caters to the younger crowd wanting to hear hip hop and trap anthems. It also hosts multiple day parties which may be referred to as Lavelle brunch parties or ‘Le brunch’. The day parties at Lavelle a bit more subdued (not necessarily a crazy pool party) but a great time for drinks and socializing. The nightlife at Lavelle is a mix between a more subdued nightclub and a lounge. They even have a Latin night on Wednesday nights known as ‘La Noche’.


• Upscale venue with classy vibe
• Music is chill and not overbearing
• A very sophisticated yet sociable crowd


• Bouncers can be picky with entry
• Venue dependent on good weather
• Drinks can be on the pricier side


• Strict dress code, prepare in advanced
• Entry lines can be extremely long or tedious wait, try to arrive by 11:00 PM
• Smoking area is not on the rooftop, you will need to head back down to the street


Lavelle is one of the most unique venues in all of Toronto simply because it’s the largest rooftop lounge around. It’s not only an upscale lounge, but it’s also a high end restaurant in the evening perfect for birthday parties and celebrations. The type of crowd you’ll usually see at Lavelle is an younger crowd at night, that is more fashion forward. There are several booths located on the outside patio area surrounded by booths, a picnic style bench and table seating area, and 2 outdoor bars that also sometimes serve food. This venue isn’t so popular in the winter months when the outdoor patio is closed but it really shines on warm summer nights. However still expect some colder winter nights to still be packed as Lavelle continues to draw a younger crowd with its hip hop and trap mixes. This is a great venue if you are looking for a place to relax but also party with your friend as this venue caters to both vibes.. Peak times are from 12 am to 2 am.


The capacity of the Lavelle Nightclub is approximately 400 people, which can fill up quite quickly, so be sure to arrive early, before the venue reaches capacity.

Coat check is available at this club for $3-5 depending on the season. Drink prices start around $10+ for mixed drinks, $9+ for beer and somewhere between $9-12 for shots.

The club is on the rooftop of a building with half of the venue covered by a roof and the other half open to the weather. However the open half is usually closed in the winter, so expect the venue to be smaller in the colder months.

Lavelle is typically open all day as a restaurant but expect the rooftop party to begin around 10:30PM, you can arrive anytime before this or after this but we suggest to aim for 10:30-11:00PM


Located in downtown Toronto core of the Fashion District, Lavelle is located at King Street West and Bathurst, a known clubbing hot spot, so it is right in the middle of the action. It is located on the rooftop of the building so when you enter the building you will head downstairs to the elevator and take a quick lift all the way to the top.


You must be 21+ to enter Lavelle on a normal club night, no exceptions are made.


As mentioned the attire for dress code is more fashion-forward to sophisticated, from fashion-forward casual to formal, as long as you are dressed stylish there shouldn’t be much of an issue. However their bag policy may typically waver, as women are allowed to bring in bags, but side bags for men are typically not allowed.


At Lavelle, expect the music to be mainly R&B / Hip-Hop with some House mixes in between. The club has transitioned from its previous days of more lounge-style music to that of a louder hip hop venue in order to cater to it’s more refined changing crowd. Expect the music to be louder towards the back booth style area of the club/venue, however, you can still have a conversation at the front of the bar where it is a bit quieter.


There are 2 bars at Lavelle typically, one main bar in the center and one-off in the corner at the back. In the summer there is one additional bar on the open patio style area at the front. Expect drinks at the bar to start somewhere around $6-7 for almost any drink, as drinks at this venue are a bit more on the pricier end compared to other venues.


The bottle prices typically range from $300-500 on average for mid range liquor bottles, higher-end bottles are available such as Ace of Spades which will cost upwards of $750+ a bottle. There are multiple birthday packages available, however note that table prices typically start at a 2-3 bottle minimum, so expect to pay at least $600-$1,000. Sign up for guestlist and bottle service and one our staff members can help guide you further on your best options for bottle service!


Lavelle closes around 2:00 am / 2:30 am, however, the crowd may start to thin out a little earlier than that. That is due to the fact that Lavelle is in the heart of the clubbing district in Toronto, so expect people to be heading to later after parties in the area afterword’s. There are a variety of venues that may be open until 4:00 am around the area, and of course many late night food spots.