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Things That Are A Must Do In Toronto

Your Guide To The Things To Do In Toronto

Written by Jordan Carter

Toronto is a bustling metropolis filled with a diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to all interests. From iconic landmarks and cultural institutions to vibrant neighborhoods and scenic outdoor spaces, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this dynamic city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Toronto offers a variety of must-do experiences that showcase its unique charm and vibrant energy.

If you’re planning to explore the top attractions and activities, here’s a guide to the must-do things in Toronto.


What To Do In Toronto?

Hockey Hall of Fame

hockey hall of fame

Image credit: Hockey Hall of Fame (via TravelGumbo)

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-visit for hockey fans, featuring exhibits on the history of the sport, interactive displays, and a vast collection of memorabilia. Highlights include the Stanley Cup and a replica of the Montreal Canadiens’ dressing room.

Location: 30 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the subway to Union Station, then walk east on Front Street to Yonge Street.

Review: Visitors often praise the extensive collection of hockey memorabilia and the interactive exhibits, such as shooting and goaltending games. The chance to see the Stanley Cup up close is frequently mentioned as a highlight.

Distillery District

distillery district

Image credit: Distillery District (via Narcity)

The Distillery District is a historic area known for its well-preserved Victorian industrial architecture, art galleries, boutiques, and dining options. It’s a pedestrian-only district that offers a unique and charming atmosphere.

Location: 55 Mill Street, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the streetcar to King Street East and Parliament Street, then walk south to Mill Street.

Review: Visitors frequently praise the district’s unique charm and historical ambiance. The cobblestone streets are lined with art installations and a variety of shops and restaurants. Popular spots include Cluny Bistro for its French-inspired cuisine, and El Catrin, known for its vibrant Mexican dishes and extensive tequila menu. Shopping highlights include SOMA Chocolatemaker for artisanal chocolates and Distill Gallery for unique art and handmade crafts. Seasonal events and markets, such as the Christmas Market, add to its appeal, making it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.

Downtown Toronto

downtown toronto

Image credit: sofi (via Pinterest)

Downtown Toronto is the bustling heart of the city, offering a mix of skyscrapers, shopping districts, cultural institutions, and entertainment venues. It’s a hub of activity day and night, with something for everyone.

Location: Central Toronto, including areas like the Financial District, Entertainment District, and Queen West.

How to get there: Easily accessible via multiple subway lines, streetcars, and buses. Union Station is a central hub.

Review: Visitors highlight the vibrant atmosphere and diverse attractions. Popular dining spots include Canoe Restaurant for upscale meals and St. Lawrence Market for fresh produce and artisanal foods. Shopping at the Eaton Centre and boutiques along Queen Street West are frequently praised. The lively streets, with street performers and bustling markets, enhance the dynamic experience.

Sugar Beach

sugar beach

Image credit: Sugar Beach (via Tripadvisor)

Sugar Beach is a charming urban beach located on the waterfront, featuring white sand, colorful umbrellas, and views of Lake Ontario. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Location: 25 Dockside Drive, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the streetcar to Queens Quay and Jarvis Street, then walk east to Dockside Drive.

Review: People often enjoy the peaceful setting and beautiful views of the lake. The playful design, with pink umbrellas and white sand, adds to the charm. It’s frequently mentioned as a perfect spot for relaxing or taking photos.



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Rainbow Tunnel

rainbow toronto

Image credit: Rainbow Tunnel (via Flickr)

The Rainbow Tunnel is a colorful public art installation located on a pedestrian pathway, featuring a vibrant rainbow mural that brightens up the area.

Location: Near Lawrence Avenue East and Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the subway to Lawrence Station, then walk east along Lawrence Avenue to the pedestrian pathway near Bayview Avenue.

Review: Visitors frequently mention the joyful and vibrant atmosphere created by the mural. It’s a popular spot for taking photos and brightening up a walk through the area.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

ripleys aquarium of canada

Image credit: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada (via Tripadvisor)

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a popular attraction featuring a vast array of marine life. Highlights include the mesmerizing underwater tunnel with moving sidewalks and interactive touch pools where visitors can get up close with marine creatures.

Location: 288 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the subway to Union Station and walk west along Front Street until you reach Bremner Boulevard. The aquarium is a short walk from there.

Review: Guests often highlight the impressive underwater tunnel, where sharks and rays swim overhead, as a must-see feature. The interactive touch tanks and the jellyfish displays are also popular, making it a fun and educational experience for families.

Wheatsheaf Tavern

wheatsheaf tavern

Image credit: Wheatsheaf Tavern (via their Facebook page)

The Wheatsheaf Tavern is one of Toronto’s oldest bars, offering a cozy atmosphere, live music, and a variety of pub fare. It’s a beloved local hangout with a rich history.

Location: 667 King Street West, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the streetcar to King Street West and Bathurst Street. The tavern is located on the corner.

Review: Patrons often commend the warm, inviting atmosphere and the live music performances. The pub food, especially the fish and chips and the selection of craft beers, are frequently mentioned as highlights.

Toronto Zoo

toronto zoo

Image credit: Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world, home to a diverse range of animals from around the globe. It features various habitats, educational exhibits, and interactive experiences.

Location: 2000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the subway to Kennedy Station, then transfer to the 86A Scarborough bus to the zoo.

Review: Visitors frequently highlight the vast range of animals, including rare and exotic species. The well-maintained habitats provide a natural environment for the animals, making the experience more engaging. Many reviews also commend the zoo’s strong focus on conservation efforts and educational programs, especially appreciating the interactive exhibits and the fun and informative children’s zoo, which provides hands-on learning experiences for kids.

Royal Ontario Museum

royal ontario museum

Image credit: Royal Ontario Museum (via The Cutlery Chronicles)

The Royal Ontario Museum is a world-renowned museum that features a diverse array of exhibits, including natural history, world cultures, and art. It’s a great place to explore fascinating artifacts, dinosaur skeletons, and interactive displays.

Location: 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON

How to get there: Take the subway to Museum Station, which is directly across the street from the museum.

Review: Guests frequently comment on the extensive and well-curated exhibits. Highlights include the dinosaur exhibits and the beautiful mineral and gem collection. The museum’s architecture, with its striking modern addition, is also a favorite feature among visitors.

Offering a wide range of activities and attractions, this vibrant city caters to all interests. From iconic landmarks like the CN Tower and cultural spots like the Royal Ontario Museum to the historic Distillery District and lively downtown, there’s plenty to explore. Enjoy scenic retreats at Sugar Beach and the Toronto Zoo, and vibrant spots like the Rainbow Tunnel. Whether visiting the Wheatsheaf Tavern or Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto’s must-do experiences promise unforgettable memories. Dive into this guide and start planning your Toronto adventure today!


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